The Innerview _ Carlo Palleschi _ Korean opera singers who won the competitions in Italy

The Innerview _ Carlo Palleschi _ Directing "The Barber of Seville"

Carlo Palleschi has been bringing classic operas such as "Carmen," "Aida" and "Don Giovanni" to life on stages around the world since his debut as a conductor 26 years ago.

Famous as a conductor who memorizes the entire score before every performance, Palleschi is a perfectionist who tries to present the music exactly as the original composers intended. This is one of the ways he has been tenaciously preserving operas in their original form.

During the interview, Carlo Palleschi explains how he assisted his wife, Kim Sun, in founding an opera company in Korea, with the aim of promoting and advancing Korean opera. Together with his wife and her opera company, Palleschi recently staged the classic comic opera, "The Barber of Seville," in Korea. As such, he has been working with numerous Korean musicians, opera singers and production staff in addition to teaching students in Korea.

Join us on "The Innerview" this week to meet Carlo Palleschi from Italy, the birthplace of opera, and hear about his passion for music and opera.
Published on 2 Aug 2016,


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